Our RWA pork products are from animals that are raised a more natural way, without any antibiotics, hormones or anything artificial whatsoever. This meat is from animals that are fed a 100% vegetarian feed and are "Animal Care Certified". All of our animals are raised on Canadian Farms.

Our goal is to provide natural pork products with great taste and tenderness to our customers. Our pork products come with these promises:

No antibiotics ever

  • No antibiotics ever means exactly that …. our products come from animals that were never given antibiotics.

No added hormones ever

  • There are never any hormones given to our pigs. Ever. That includes things such as Ractopamine, a feed additive that promotes leanness in animals.

Raised on Canadian farms

  • All of our pigs are raised on Canadian farms

100% vegetarian feed

  • A complete vegetarian diet is provided to our pigs.

Animal care certified

  • We and our farm suppliers have a strong commitment to animal care which includes a combination of internal standards, practices and training program AND third party standards, practices and training programs.
  • Animal Care Certified means that our pigs are treated compassionately and responsibly by our people. This certification is built on a food safety and animal care program for hogs known as Canadian Quality Assurance® (CQA®) and Animal Care Assessment ™ (ACA™).  The program is recognized internationally because of its unique process of being developed by expert consensus. The 2014 ACA program is based on the National Farm Animal Care Council Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs (https://www.nfacc.ca/codes-of-practice/pigs) and is currently being updated to reflect more rigorous standards. We support these changes and already have all of our farmers following them.