JNK offers only the best and healthy meat products to our customers. Our "Raised Without Antibiotics" meat products guarantee that our animals were raised without using any antibiotics. This is a more stringent requirement that the "Antibiotics-Free" meat products, which has no antibiotic residues present in the meat.

Antibiotics used on animals have been a major concerns for human's health for years. An article from PBS.org [link] clearly states the threat to human for using antibiotics on animals. "... There is an increasing amount of evidence suggesting that the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in food animals can pose a health risk to humans. If a group of animals is treated with a certain antibiotic over time, the bacteria living in those animals will become resistant to that drug... the problem for humans is that if a person ingests the resistant bacteria via improperly cooked meat and becomes ill, he or she may not respond to antibiotic treatment."

RWA Beef

Beef Pic 7

Our RWA beef products are carefully selected to be the most tender and tasty.

RWA Pork

Pork Pic 9

Our RWA pork products were not only raised with any antibiotics, they were also paylean-free.

RWA Lamb

Rack of Lamb

Our lambs are raised on lush green pastureland. Our RWA lamb products are not only healthy than other lamb products, they are leaner and lower in cholesterol.

RWA Poultry

Chick Pic 02

Our RWA poultry products are raised without any antibiotics. Not only that we offer healthy choices of poultry products, we carefully select our products to ensure the best quality.